Your deepest capacity to love isn’t revealed when you’re in bliss together. That’s the easy bit anyone can do. It’s shown when you’re faced with the repercussions of trauma … your own or anothers’.

Do you deny & fly out of your body or do you ground & deepen, creating a safe space for your energy to land or a safe, contained space for another to join in?

Do you control uncomfortable emotions by trying to fix, advise or intellectualise or do you surrender to your bones, let go into the breath & speak truthfully when the heart impulse arises?

Are you pre-occupied with what you’re going to say or do next or are you open & available – listening to the other, sensing their energy, responding to their communication & need in each unique moment?

You want to be a lover? Build these skills together.

You want to be a Lover? Build these skills together. 

Izabella Siodmak Administrator
Retreat Facilitator Retreat Founder Natural Attitudes Embody Retreat
Izabella Siodmak facilitates private retreats for couples to resolve stubborn conflict and get on the same page again. She also facilitates 1 on 1 individual Emotional Wellness Retreats. This journey takes you into the roots of recurring patterns and helps you to transform aspects of this emotionally, psychologically and somatically leaving more energy & space for your true character to flourish. Izabella has written & published a variety of self-help books too.
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