Revitalising Love Retreat

A private Retreat for Couples to Reignite & Restore your Intimate Relationship

If you’re ready to restore a compelling connection in your marriage (or committed relationship), rekindle your love for each other & create a new blueprint for your life together  – then join your therapist Izabella Siodmak on this private couples retreat

Are you longing to lay to rest the real source of the conflict between you and your partner? Yearning for a more meaningful relationship with the man or woman you’ve expectantly committed to? Sensing the possibility of tapping into the forgotten magic of a togetherness that seems like a lifetime ago?

It’s a bright, sunny morning as you arrive at Natural Attitudes into a world of lush green hills and random trees, birdsong, kangaroos and timber cottage floors. As you breathe in the fresh air, you feel a subtle stirring in your heart. And a lot of nervousness in your stomach. There’s much at stake here over the next four days. And you’re unsure of what exactly to expect.

Watching the sun set against the mountains from the comfort of your warm bubbling spa, you reflect upon your first day. The first session together with your partner surprised you in how much was revealed and shared. This was already very different from the typical repetitive, going nowhere conversations you’d have at home. The questions the therapist asked led to some surprisingly useful insights about yourself and your partner too.

The presence of a non-involved third party gives you the safety to reveal much more of the hidden parts of yourself … the deeper thoughts that you’d kept even from yourself and the hidden emotions of resentment, fear, sadness, anger and the judgments that have built up. Only now, as you unpack this in the individual session, do you recognise that this is the opportunity you’ve been waiting for; to discover the actual obstacles, release them and replace them with something more. And by getting away from the usual distractions of life and stepping into focusing solely upon yourself and each other, with the therapist’s support in this process, is the life-changing experience right before you.

So why should you and your partner attend this relationship retreat?

  • Because this is the perfect opportunity for you to reinvest in your relationship and give it the attention it deserves and the care that it requires to thrive

  • Because this is your chance to be expertly and effectively guided into the unconscious root causes of your reactive triggers without which real and enduring healing cannot begin

  • Because you know you’ve been craving the kind of potent full-bodied transformation that leads to alive and awake love. And a love that spills over into the erotic heat of passion, so ripe for your choice of mutual creation

  • Because a soulful longing for reconnecting to what really matters lives in your heart’s memory and is calling you to meet it

  • Because this is your chance to build the new, specific, sound human relationship skills that are precisely beneficial to your personal growth right now as well as truly and equally serving your relationship

  • Because everything practical is also taken care of for you so that you can relax and receive and feel nurtured and supported on all levels during your revitalising relationship retreat

Yearning for a deep reconnection with your chosen partner?

When the previous closeness and connection turns to feeling worlds apart, it can be devastatingly unbelievable. The connection was so real once. And now everything you try only pushes your partner further away, making things worse and worse. Misunderstandings, built-up grievances and disappointments in relationships have a way of accumulating until it all feels like too much.  Then, in the midst of conflict it can seem literally impossible to navigate your way back to an open heart and harmony. Through your journey, however, we’ll tap into the power of  key communication gateways to unlock the specific language of the heart, restoring the energy that fuels intimate connection so you can embody love again.

Have you given up altogether, turning to secondary substitutes for affection and connection, whilst avoiding your partner yet the resentment between you only builds? And the real needs go unmet. 

Yet somewhere deep inside, do you still believe it IS possible to have that special closeness and intimacy you’ve shared before?

Whilst we’re together I’ll pass on keys to help you meet your needs in a way that includes, rather than excludes, your partner. With the clear space to practice accessing your needs, communicating them and understanding the validity of your needs you’ll have this so well honed that you’ll be on the same team again, rather than fighting an opposing battle. I’ll also show you how to utilise attunement and this shared energy field in the appropriate way so that it becomes a platform for rich healing, growth, connection and fulfillment.

The Venue

Natural Attitudes is nestled within Crystal Waters Eco-Village on an acre of beautiful, private land. Although only 1.5 hours from Brisbane, Queensland’s capital, you really do feel like you’re in another world. The healing energies of nature are very strong here and one of the many reasons why this site was chosen for the construction of the retreat. No pollution, fresh creek water, ample space for our organic veggie gardens and a positive ley line intersecting the property are some of the other reasons this place is so prized.

You’ll enjoy ample space and the gorgeous mountain views from your self-contained 2 room cypress cottage with a huge deck. Then, when it’s time for your therapy session, massage, embodiment practices, spa or sauna it’s just a short 15 meter stroll to the treatment room. If you need anything else to make your experience more comfortable we are available 24/7 within the main building near the treatment space.

In your spare time you can enjoy hilly nature walks or go to Pebble Pond for a refreshing swim. For those less active moments, your cottage has a day bed on the deck to rest, or fall asleep on! Inside your cottage there is a tempting selection of books, CDs and educational DVDs to further inspire you. You’ll come to realise for yourself, how each distinct component of the retreat experience has something valuable to contribute to you.

We’re ready to improve our relationship 

The Cuisine

You’d be forgiven for thinking that attending a health retreat means boring, uninspiring, bland food. Well, we like to pleasantly surprise. Our live, plant-based vegan meals are nothing short of tasty, healthy and visually appealing.  A good portion of our fresh ingredients to make some of our signature dishes, come from our extensive organic gardens. For the rest of the ingredients we aim for local or market produce and organic where possible.

Eating foods that are alive and vibrant, full of enzymes and phyto-nutrients revitalises your body’s cells and organs, detoxifying your system whilst we work directly on shedding old emotions and behaviours getting in the way of the relationship with yourself and your partner.


Energizing, uplifting, empowering. Marriage saving!”

Joanne Rodney

The Benefits

So what can you expect if you spend 4 days and 3 nights indulging your body, heart, mind and senses together on a journey of exploration with your partner?

What if the level of love in your heart expanded so much that you couldn’t help but overflow that love freely to each other?

And what would it mean to you if you took home with you several heart and body-opening practices you benefitted from, so you can sustain a juicy connection more often?

You’ll come to understand so much more about each other in brand new ways. This can evoke a compassion where previously there was contempt. What would it mean to you to respond differently to each other as a result? 

Would the reduced tension, stress and conflict be worth attending this totally private relationship retreat in the mountains near Maleny?

I believe the answer is a yes.

Plus you’ll get to benefit from my many years of private retreat facilitation (since 2003), trainings, resources, tools and information I can provide as well as the attuned way I precisely sense what’s going on energetically within yourself, your partner and the relationship between you. Come with an open heart and a willingness to create change and together we’ll make miracles out of molehills.

Typical Daily Schedule

You’ll start the day with a tailored and facilitated breathing, sensing, grounding practice for you both to individually arrive into your body. The body carries your energy, your experiences and your truth. This practice offers the opportunity safely release the blocks that are ready to come out of the body through sound, movement and feeling, leaving you with a greater sense of ease, flow and presence.

From your grounded state we begin to share practices through the body that allow you to unite in and explore the energy field between you and your partner. You will be intuitively guided by your facilitator into the right practices each morning. These practices may include opening the heart, exploring the pelvic sexual energy, uniting the heart and pelvis, being seen, being heard, being held and a myriad of other body expressions. These practices can inform all three of us about specific blocks or barriers so that you can be supported in working through the resistances held in your body.

You’ll enjoy a variety of different breakfasts each day that provide a wide scope of nutrients and taste sensations. From raw vegan chia chocolate pudding to raw crepes with a rich, sweet nut filling and nectar-like topping to raw, crunchy granola with a freshly made nut milk you’ll never think of healthy food as boring again.

The Individual Session provides is a designated safe, confidential space for you and your therapist to work on your feelings, your beliefs and the blocks and defenses to love, sexuality, empowerment, attachment, communication, obstacles to meeting your needs and any other relational challenges that are arising for you. The individual session includes talk therapy as well as body, or somatic, psychotherapy which accesses and releases what has been unconsciously stored within the body. The body cannot lie so it is here where we can work with a reading of your unique body placement and the history it reveals. We touch on the inner landscape of sensations and begin to weave together new meanings and more wholesome imprints going forwards. Your partner also has their own Individual Session to meet and explore what’s arising for them.   

A variety of live plant-based meals are lovingly prepared for your lunch. Most gourmet meals will include fresh produce from our organic garden as well as including an abundant use of ingredients like sprouts, nuts, salad greens, fruit, seeds and wholefoods.

Your Couples Session will explore the current dynamic between you and your partner and allow a space for integrating what you have been discovering within your own Individual Sessions. This is an opportunity to exchange more deeply between you the parts that need to be seen, heard, held and healed. Your therapist creates a safe space and acts as mediator in guiding you into resolution in places that are usually challenging and confronting, mirroring new pathways and approaches that you can continue to draw on. This is a safe space to bring any material that is surfacing for you both to be explored and processed.

This space is variable depending on what is scheduled on the various days. Body readings occur here usually on the first day of the retreat. Then bodywork massage and / or energy work to keep opening up the body and clearing the individual blocks takes place in the afternoon on other days too. Occasionally the Couples Session will require a longer time for it to come to a natural completion, so this time in the afternoon can also be used to serve that.

You’ll enjoy a variety of fresh, gourmet main meals for dinner. From creamy soups like Mint Cucumber Soup with dehydrated Seed Crackers on a hot summers’ eve to Live Lasagne coated in lavish non-cheese sauce or Mexican Layered Salad, you’ll be amazed at how well your body digests this healthy food and rarely feels hungry. In our ongoing experience with raw alive food consumption, your body is likely to show the differences rather quickly, with improvement in bowel function, a clearer skin, better sleep and more energy and vitality during your retreat stay.

In your spare time you are encouraged to listen to your body and give it what it needs. There are ample options that may resonate for you alone, or shared with your partner. The surrounding area is great for walks if you need more movement and space to yourself or want to take a swim at the beautiful Pebble Pond. You may opt for the ozone spa when you’re in need of deeper relaxation or far infra red sauna for detoxification. There are plenty of books on relationships, sexuality and self-empowerment in your cottage. DVDs, CDs and all the resources can be enjoyed at any time also that you are not in sessions. The surrounding beauty of nature here at Natural Attitudes, the flora and fauna also provide an endless source of fascination and connection for many of our guests.

What’s Included

  • 12 Therapy Sessions (8 individual sessions & 4 couples sessions)
  • 2 (1 each) Body-Energy Readings to pinpoint emotional blocks & defences evident in your body
  • Three morning Embodiment Practices – breathing, sensing, grounding and clearing the energy in your body
  • The powerful Full Self-Expression Process to clear conflict and release emotional charge
  • 3 daily morning Embody Intimacy Exercises tailored to revitalise your relationship and rekindle the connection
  • How to Repair Ruptures and heal from specific hurts
  • Working with Attachment Styles to support safety & security (and improve ALL relationships)
  • Exploration of individual defensive Control Patterns and how to loosen them and access your true needs
  • Effective Communication Skills to foster compassion, intimacy and rebuild trust
  • Private, boutique cottage accommodation for 3 nights & 4 days
  • 6 delicious breakfasts (3 for both of you)
  • 8 lunches (4 each)
  • 6 Gourmet dinners (3 each)
  • Unlimited use of ozone, chemical-free outdoor spa
  • Unlimited use of the 2 person detoxifying far-infra red sauna
  • Complementary use of books, DVDs, CDs
  • Follow up couples Transitional Session via skype within 2 weeks of returning home

$3800 AUD All-inclusive


What’s Not Included

  • Air fares
  • Transfers from Brisbane airport are not included but can be organised at an extra cost of $150 AUD return. It is a 1.5 to 2 hour trip each way.
  • If you’d like to catch the train from Brisbane airport to Landsborough we can pick you up from here ($75 return trip). It is a 40 minute drive from here to Natural Attitudes.
  • There is no nudity throughout the retreat process
  • No sexually explicit exercises are involved in any part of the retreat

Getting Here

Getting to Natural Attitudes is easy. At an extra cost of $150 AUD we can organise one of our drivers to pick you up from the domestic or international Brisbane Airport and drop you straight to the retreat and back. All you need to do is book your flight to arrive before 8am of the day of your retreat to ensure a 10am arrival  and a departure flight after 8pm. If you have flown in on a previous day, we can also pick you up from your hotel in Brisbane city at 8am of your retreat day. If you’re looking for somewhere more quiet to stay in nature rather than the city before or after your retreat we highly recommend Maleny or Montville for the magic of the mountains or the Sunshine Coast for a beach vibe. 


Your Retreat Therapist

About Izabella Siodmak

My fascination with relationships started when I was 9, sitting listening to my mother’s feelings about her relationship. My exploration of the relationship with our psyche, emotions, spirituality, body and sense of self as well as intimate relationship patterns, dynamics, defensive blocks and conflict resolution is never-ending and informs the private retreats I’ve been facilitating since 2003. My main qualifications include:

  • Certified Exceptional Marriage Mentor (Embodied Couples Work)
  • Bachelor of Science (Biochemistry, Biological Sciences and Molecular Biology)
  • Naturopath, Herbalist, Nutritionist
  • Certified Life Coach
  • Somatic (Body) Psychotherapist [graduating in early 2020]

I’ve also completed 50 hour yoga teacher training, reiki level II, relaxation massage, tantra workshops, trauma-informed practices, attachment styles and energy healing all which support me to more deeply sense what’s in the space between two people. Using the knowledge gained coupled with my intuition helps me to quickly get to the root of the issues in any relationship, which saves a lot of time and spares the frustration. Throughout your Revitalising Love Retreat I weave together effective, correctional relational approaches to support your relationship to thrive. With the right support, the energy between you can be so alive again. 

This feels right for us! 


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