Emotional Wellness Retreat

Release Emotional Blocks & feel more Alive & Free in Your Body

If you’re ready to reclaim lost parts of yourself, experience more contentment & get back on track with your life please join your therapist Izabella on this private enriching psycho-emotional healing retreat.

Are you not functioning the way that you used to or you sense you could be? Wishing to feel more aliveness & greater meaning? Or have you become overwhelmed with emotions that you just don’t know how to handle?

Arriving at Natural Attitudes can certainly bring up some nervousness. You’re curious about what might transpire and unsure what exactly to expect. But the environment feels really welcoming and peaceful. The kangaroos sprawled out on the grass are an unexpected surprise. You unpack your belongings and settle into your private timber cottage, making yourself an organic herbal tea from the selection before you. As you get ready to go into your first session you wonder whether the therapist will be able to help you with the complex things you’ve been struggling with.

The first session allows you the space to voice what’s been happening, what you want to make better in yourself and your life and what you’ve been feeling. You notice that expressing this has already made you feel a little lighter. It feels good to share this with a stranger who’s also a therapist and you notice that the lack of judgement allows you to continue going deeper. She wants to know things that most people seem so uninterested in. You feel heard and supported. Accepted as you are. When some strong emotions arise Izabella gets you to stand up and do a movement through your body that you’ve not done before. Afterwards, you notice that the tension that’s been there for what seems like years, has actually disappeared. Your body feels more open, your breath more even and you’re flooded with some new realizations.

Sunset seems the perfect time to try out the warm, bubbling chemical free ozone spa. You are as equally amazed by the sunset view from the spa as you are with everything else that unfolded from the first session. It’s nice to reflect upon your day and be able to do so without having to interact with anyone else, because you are the sole exclusive guest here. You don’t have to be distracted from your personal journey, nor have to put on your social mask … you can simply continue to be your real self, all the while knowing that if you need anything else to make your stay more comfortable you can let Izabella know 24/7 as she’s only a short walk away. It’s such a balanced combination of privacy yet with thorough and caring support. You notice that you feel optimistic about tackling some of the deeper issues and are looking forward to the dinner. If lunch was anything to go by, it’s going to be very revitalising, filling and tasty.  

Why should you attend the 1 on 1 Emotional Wellness Retreat?

  • To gift yourself the undistracted time for deeper healing and support whilst everything else is taken care of for you

  • To be therapeutically guided into the root causes of your challenges, so that the emotional, physical and psychological blockages can be adequately released

  • To soothe your frazzled or shut down nervous system after experiences of PTSD or trauma

  • To rebuild inner strength and resourcefulness after abuse, neglect or relationship breakdowns or endings

  • To feel more secure, confident, present, belonging and operate from your center rather than hiding, isolating or withdrawing

  • To reconnect with your soul and move forward with greater purpose, excitement and passion

Craving some much needed time with yourself to re-evaluate & reconnect?

Our exclusive, private 1 guest only retreat provides a highly focused healing environment attuned to your deepest needs.

Wanting gentle effective results and real change?

Be guided skilfully, intuitively, empathically & with powerful somatic and psychotherapeutic processes that support your growth & change

Ready for a positively life changing experience?

Get to the root causes of your challenges and fully address them, rather than only dealing with the symptoms and making temporary behaviour changes on the surface

The Venue

Natural Attitudes is nestled within Crystal Waters Eco-Village on an acre of beautiful, private land. Although only 1.5 hours from Brisbane, Queensland’s capital, you really do feel like you’re in another world. The healing energies of nature are very strong here and one of the many reasons why this site was chosen for the construction of the retreat. No pollution, fresh creek water, ample space for our organic veggie gardens and a positive ley line intersecting the property are some of the other reasons this place is so prized.

You’ll enjoy ample space and the gorgeous mountain views from your self-contained 2 room cypress cottage with a huge deck. Then, when it’s time for your therapy session, massage, embodiment practices, spa or sauna it’s just a short 15 meter stroll to the treatment room.

In your spare time you can enjoy hilly nature walks or go to Pebble Pond for a refreshing swim. For those less active moments, your cottage has a day bed on the deck to rest, or fall asleep on! Inside your cottage there is a tempting selection of books, CDs and educational DVDs to further inspire you. You’ll come to realise for yourself, how each distinct component of the retreat experience has something valuable to contribute to you.

I’m ready to receive support

The Cuisine

You’d be forgiven for thinking that attending a health retreat means boring, uninspiring, bland food. Well, we like to pleasantly surprise. Our live, plant-based vegan meals are nothing short of tasty, healthy and visually appealing.  A good portion of our fresh ingredients to make some of our signature dishes, come from our extensive organic gardens. For the rest of the ingredients we aim for local or market produce and organic where possible.

Eating foods that are alive and vibrant, full of enzymes and phyto-nutrients revitalises your body’s cells and organs, detoxifying your system whilst we work directly on shedding old emotions and behaviours for more vitality and clarity.

All I can say is "Thank God for people like Izabella ... " what they have created at Natural Attitudes is nothing short of miraculous and very much needed in our society. Their professionalism and ability to deliver is astounding, the one-on-one format is perfect and above all the love from which they operate is clear to see.
Lindy Bennett

I have felt such a positive change taking place the past few days. I'm ready to move forward with joy and love.

Jade Hodgkins

I had an experience that went way beyond my imagination. It was a lifetime changing journey.

Darren Beadman

It's been just over a week since completing the programme and I feel like a different person. My family, friends and work colleagues have remarked on my positive and happy appearance... Words cannot express my gratitude for your dedication in helping me to reclaim my life and the joy I now feel waking up everyday knowing I am surrounded by my loved ones.

Cheryl W

In November 2009 I spent a week working with Izabella on issues relating to femininity, personal healing and relationships. Izabella taught me how to connect with and process my feelings as they arise. Learning this skill has had ongoing benefits for me with taking ownership of my feelings and listening to what they are telling me. Since my retreat I have experienced ongoing benefits in my relationships with my family and am now in a wonderful intimate relationship and am able to communicate my feelings as they arise. I have also been utilising strategies for embracing my femininity and have never felt more at one with myself. I highly recommend Izabella as a coach and facilitator of personal growth and healing.

Karli Moulston

Thank you for your compassion, willingness and caring that has taught me so much in such a short time. It will act as a catalyst for life long positive change. I am now armed with knowledge and tools to effectively make long term positive changes in all aspects of my life. Izabella special thanks for your support and encouragement during my difficult time - it was greatly appreciated. In gratitude.

Dianne Peak
I would definitely recommend the retreat to friends/ family and anyone I come in contact with. A very amazing spiritual / psychological journey that will change my life and was very much desired and needed! Amazing, location, food, R & R, and special mention to amazing staff - I appreciate your services, time, effort, love, support and healing powers and talents. An experience that I will cherish for the rest of my life. Set me free.
Holly J

The Benefits

What can you expect from a 3 day, 2 night retreat experience purely focused on your deepest healing?  

You’ll come to understand the real source of your issues and the correct, foundational way to address them.

You can expect to leave with a lot more lightness and ease in your body from clearing out the psychic, emotional and mental clutter.

You’ll also take home your own written blueprint of the changes YOU are ready to make, or continue with, to maintain this juicy, wholesome momentum.

Would the reduced tension, stress, fog, disconnect and increased energy, solid clarity and grounded excitement be worth attending this totally private retreat near Maleny?

I believe the answer is a yes.

Plus you’ll get to benefit from my many years of private retreat facilitation (since 2003), trainings, resources, tools and information I can provide as well as the attuned way I sense what’s going on energetically within you. Come with an open heart and a willingness to create change and together we’ll make it happen.

Typical Daily Schedule

You’ll start the day with a tailored and facilitated breathing, sensing, grounding practice for you to arrive into your body. The body carries your energy, your experiences and your truth. This practice offers the opportunity to safely release the blocks that are ready to come out of the body through sound, movement and feeling, leaving you with a greater sense of ease, flow and presence.

From your grounded, energised state we begin to allow the body to release, discharge and relax using our signature 5 part methodology. Or we may intuitively select something else that will facilitate a release of energy from your body. 

You’ll enjoy a variety of different breakfasts each day that provide a wide scope of nutrients and taste sensations. From raw vegan chia chocolate pudding to raw crepes with a rich, sweet nut filling and nectar-like topping to raw, crunchy granola with a freshly made nut milk you’ll never think of healthy food as boring again.

The Individual Session provides a designated safe, confidential space for you and your therapist to work on your feelings, your beliefs and the blocks and defenses arising for you. The individual session includes talk therapy as well as body, or somatic, psychotherapy which accesses and releases what has been unconsciously stored within the body. The body cannot lie so it is here where we can work with a reading of your unique body placement and the history it reveals. We touch on the inner landscape of sensations and begin to weave together new meanings and more wholesome imprints going forwards. 

A variety of live plant-based meals are lovingly prepared for your lunch. Most gourmet meals will include fresh produce from our organic garden as well as including an abundant use of ingredients like sprouts, nuts, salad greens, fruit, seeds and wholefoods.

In your Individual Session we’ll continue to explore what is arising emotionally and psychologically for you. This is also a space for you to clarify and integrate anything that has already been touched on or questions you have now. We’ll utilise a combination of talk therapy and somatic movements, openly and honestly bringing undigested material to the session. 

This space is variable depending on what is scheduled on the various days. Body Energy readings occur here usually on the first day of the retreat. Then bodywork massage and / or energy work to keep opening up the body and clearing the individual blocks takes place on the second afternoon. Occasionally the Individual Session will require a longer time for it to come to a natural completion, so this time in the afternoon can also be used to serve that.

You’ll enjoy a variety of fresh, gourmet main meals for dinner. From creamy soups like Mint Cucumber Soup with dehydrated Seed Crackers on a hot summers’ eve to Live Lasagne coated in lavish non-cheese sauce or Mexican Layered Salad, you’ll be amazed at how well your body digests this healthy food and rarely feels hungry. In our ongoing experience with raw alive food consumption, your body is likely to show the differences rather quickly, with improvement in bowel function, a clearer skin, better sleep and more energy and vitality during your retreat stay.

In your spare time you are encouraged to listen to your body and give it what it needs. There are ample options that may resonate for you . The surrounding area is great for walks if you need more movement and space to yourself or want to take a swim at the beautiful Pebble Pond. You may opt for the ozone spa when you’re in need of deeper relaxation or far infra red sauna for detoxification. There are plenty of books on relationships, sexuality and self-empowerment in your cottage. DVDs, CDs and all the resources can be enjoyed at any time also that you are not in sessions. The surrounding beauty of nature here at Natural Attitudes, the flora and fauna also provide an endless source of fascination and connection for many of our guests.

What’s Included

  • 6 in-depth fully-facilitated Therapy Sessions
  • 1 Body-Energy Reading to ascertain emotional blocks, protective defences and tendencies evident in your body
  • 1 Massage and / or Energy clearing body work
  • Two morning deep dive sessions of Embodiment Practice – breathing, sensing, grounding and clearing the energy in your body
  • 2 morning Deep Relaxation Guided Sessions to release and discharge energy from your body
  • Private, boutique cottage accommodation for 2 nights & 3 days
  • 2 delicious breakfasts (daily)
  • 3 lunches (daily)
  • 2 Gourmet dinners (daily)
  • Unlimited use of ozone, chemical-free outdoor spa
  • Unlimited use of the 2 person detoxifying far-infra red sauna
  • Complementary use of books, DVDs, CDs
  • Follow up Transitional Session via skype within 2 weeks of returning home
  • Exclusive Reduced Session Prices if you’d like ongoing support after the retreat

$2400 All-inclusive

What’s Not Included

  • Air fares
  • Transfers from Sunshine Coast Airport (or Brisbane airport) are not included but can be organised at an extra cost of $150 AUD return (or $200 for Brisbane). Pick up from Sunshine Coast Airport is just just over an hour (Brisbane 2 hours).
  • If you’d like to catch the train from Brisbane airport to Landsborough we can pick you up from here ($75 return trip). It is a 40 minute drive from here to Natural Attitudes.

Who Intensive Emotional Wellness Retreats are not suitable for

  • If you have a drug and / or alcohol addiction or drug/alcohol abuse. Please seek support through a rehabilitation center.
  • If you have an untreated or unmanaged mental illness (schizophrenia, major depression, bipolar, psychosis etc).
  • If you are experiencing suicidal thoughts or have inflicted harm on yourself or another person in the past.

Getting Here

Getting to Natural Attitudes is easy. At an extra cost of $150 AUD return we will pick you up from the Sunshine Coast airport or your nearby beach accommodation (or domestic or international Brisbane Airport or hotel) and drop you straight to the retreat and back. Book your flight to arrive before 8.30 am of the day of your retreat (8am Brisbane) to ensure a 10am arrival. Book your departure flight  for  after 6.30pm (7.30pm for Brisbane). If you have flown in on a previous day, we can also pick you up from your hotel in Brisbane or accommodation on the Sunshine Coast. If you have hired a car you may like to  stay in the mountains of Maleny or Montville for somewhere more quiet. We are 30 minutes from here for a comfortable drive to the retreat.


Your Retreat Therapist

About Izabella Siodmak

I have been facilitating 1 on 1 residential retreats since 2003, initially utilising my Biochemistry degree, life coaching, naturopathy, herbal medicine & nutritionist background to support clients to access more vibrant wellbeing. However, as many clients felt safe, held & in trusting hands in the private retreats in nature, they began sharing their inner-most stories, shedding old emotions & feeling more energised than before. Emotional healing became a central theme.

Several modalities later, Somatic Psychotherapy proved to be a most significant proponent of unlocking even more deeply stored, unconscious emotions in the body. In addition, I’ve completed an allied certification with Brian and Marcia Gleason as an Exceptional Marriage Mentor to facilitate effective embodied couples work.

I’m no stranger to my own challenges, initially having self-healed an eating disorder by spontaneously connecting to my inner guidance at the age of 15. This higher self connection shed bright but painful light upon patterns of belief and conditioning, yet also informed me and guided me through the exact steps to heal. This experience catalyzed my mission to assist others to heal trauma, embody one’s potential and to trust the whispers of your own soul. I look forward to working intimately with you and your unique history and presenting challenges. With the right support, shifts can happen rather quickly. 

Your retreat experience is supported by Tony Hayes. He creates your unique and flavoursome plant-based dishes with a naturally healthy whole food approach. He is also a skilled acupressure masseuse, with a sensitive touch for releasing deep tension throughout the body to help you destress and heal. Tony has also trained as a body psychotherapist and provides an aligned supportive energy to your retreat experience.

This feels right for me