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This Emotional Wellness Retreat is for you if you experience any of the following:

  • have a lot of thoughts

  • feel disconnected from your body

  • struggle to regulate emotions

  • rollercoaster from numbness to overwhelm

  • experience PTSD & trauma

  • have bouts of depression

  • feel insecure within yourself

  • unsure where you belong

  • withdraw & isolate

  • struggle to meet your needs

  • find relationships challenging

You are deeply supported on your healing journey

The therapeutic relationship is utilised as a corrective experience for some of the patterns previously hardwired in your nervous system that now longer serve you.

A new, genuine reflection received through your bodily senses has the power to unlock parts of yourself that have laid dormant.

Through our journey together you’ll release old, stored emotion from your body, access new insight and free up more energy to move forward with inspiration and vigour.

Exclusive, private 1 guest only Retreat 

Our unique 1-on-1 health retreats provide a highly focused healing environment attuned to your deepest needs.

Gentle effective Results

Be guided skilfully, intuitively, empathically & with powerful therapeutic processes & tools that support your growth & change.

Positively life changing 

Get to the deeper root causes of your obstacles, rather than only dealing with the symptoms and behaviours on the surface.

Emotional Wellness Retreat inclusions

2900$for 3 days / 2 nights
  • 6 therapy sessions
  • Live plant-based meals
  • Morning Intuitive Movement
  • 1 Bodywork / Energy Healing
  • Private, self-contained accommodation
  • Unlimited use of sauna, spa or pool
  • Follow up Transitional phone / skype session

More about the retreats

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The Emotional Wellness Retreat is for individuals experiencing any of the following:
  • anxiety
  • aloneness
  • fear & phobias
  • past trauma
  • depression & despair
  • eating disorders
  • relationship challenges
  • emotional reactivity
  • neediness or fear of dependency
  • insecurity
  • feeling lost & disconnected
  • defensiveness
  • difficulty trusting
  • poor boundaries
  • disempowerment
  • people pleasing
  • abandonment trauma
  • inability to commit
  • doubt & ambivalence
  • avoidance
  • emotional numbness
The Restorative Relationship Retreat is for couples who want to resolve relationship issues but are experiencing any of the following:
  • conflict & fighting
  • disconnect from each other
  • lack of understanding each other
  • poor communication
  • fear of being emotionally vulnerability
  • mistrust / betrayal
  • misaligned values & decisions
  • reactivity & defenciveness
  • retraumatisation & emotional triggering
  • past trauma for 1 or both parties impacting the relationship
  • needs not being met
  • ruptures not repaired properly
  • dysfunctional relating impacting kids
This retreat is not suitable for people with active substance addictions including smoking, alcohol and recreational drugs and whom are on heavy prescription medication/s. It is recommended to undertake a program of physical / chemical detox first before attending your Emotional Wellness Retreat. This ensures that we can effectively work with the deeper emotional content that substance addictions mask and thus increase the likelihood of lasting, positive change.

Retreats are facilitated by Izabella Siodmak, whom founded the retreats in 2003. The support staff ensure that you enjoy the food, massages and the administrative and operational functions. Read more about Izabella and the retreat Approach here.

All meals are delicious vegetarian and gourmet living plant-based. There is no sugar, gluten or dairy and where possible we use organic and fresh ingredients from our garden or local produce. Retreats in Bali utilise fresh to order gourmet raw catering. Living foods are utilised in order to support your body’s cleansing and nourishment whilst you are releasing old, stored emotions and toxins during your process. As a result of the increased nutrients and easier digestion facilitated by the enzymes in live food you can expect to feel satisfied and full, yet not bloated or tired like from conventional cooked meals.

Your residential retreat experience is a private 1 on 1 individual or couples healing journey that touches your inner emotional landscape and transforms you from the inside out. The attentive therapeutic facilitator focus coupled with a compassionate attunement to your inner needs encourages the kind of healing that releases old blocks, reconnects you with your core essence and enlivens your body to heightened vitality. In addition to the psychotherapeutic work, you are surrounded by nature as a potent de-stressor whilst nourished with exquisite gourmet raw foods, massages, energy healing, intuitive movement and more.

You can start the booking process via email at: info@naturalattitudes.com or contact + 61 7 54944558 in Australia. You can also fill out our online form with details of your preferred retreat start date and best time to contact you. Once we have a suitable retreat date we take a 50% deposit to secure your private space. Once the deposit is in place we send you a confirmation email with relevant retreat information and an online health history form for you to fill out.

A 50% non-refundable deposit is made to secure your retreat. The remainder 50% of retreat cost payment is due upon arrival at the retreat. No refund is available if you do not attend your scheduled retreat.

A 50% deposit is made to secure your retreat space. All deposits are non-refundable, however in the event of being unable to attend your retreat, dates can be transferred to a future date within 6 months of original date, if we are notified not less than 14 days prior to the original retreat date. Full payment is required in the event of needing to leave the retreat program prior to the scheduled completion.

Ensure minimal distractions during your retreat in order to maximise your healing experience at Natural Attitudes. Complete work commitments prior to arriving and prepare to reduce contact with others during your stay. Attending the retreat is a perfect time to undertake a digital detox as well as detoxing from other habits. Due to the deep and emotionally engaging nature of our retreat if you have chemical addictions it is essential that you attend the retreat ONLY AFTER you have detoxed from substance addictions. Smoking is not permitted anywhere within the retreat residence.


Jumpers and jackets during winter

Personal toiletries


Comfortable walking shoes

Loose, comfy clothing

You do not need to bring linen, towels or food.

Depending on your chosen location the retreat offers you the opportunity to enjoy saunas, spa and/ or swimming pool.

We offer individual private and couples relationship retreats throughout the entire year in Australia (Maleny, Queensland) and Ubud, Bali and in June and July in Paros (Greek Islands) in Europe.

We offer airport round-trip transfers at an extra cost of $200 in Australia and $60 in Bali.

Your retreat begins at 10am on the first day of retreat and completes by 4pm of the last day. For example, a 3 day retreat would start 10am on Day 1 and finish 4pm Day 3 and includes 2 nights stay. An approximate daily retreat schedule is as follows:

7.30 Intuitive Movement

8.30 Relaxation & Meditation

9.00 Breakfast

10.30 Session

12.30 Lunch

2.00 Session

4.00 Massage, Body work or Energy Healing

6.00 Dinner

Sauna, Spa, Swim or Walk in spare time.

Reflective Journaling, Reading, Educational DVDs at anytime.

After your retreat is complete you can make use of your free INTEGRATION SESSION to ensure a smoother transition and implementation of acknowledged changes in your life takes place. This session is 30 minutes and can be used within 14 days of completing your retreat.

Further to this ongoing THERAPEUTIC SUPPORT SESSIONS via Skype or in person are available to you as a prior retreat participant at a 30% reduced rate.

All I can say is "Thank God for people like Izabella ... " what they have created at Natural Attitudes is nothing short of miraculous and very much needed in our society. Their professionalism and ability to deliver is astounding, the one-on-one format is perfect and above all the love from which they operate is clear to see.
Lindy Bennett

I have felt such a positive change taking place the past few days. I'm ready to move forward with joy and love.

Jade Hodgkins

I had an experience that went way beyond my imagination. It was a lifetime changing journey.

Darren Beadman

It's been just over a week since completing the programme and I feel like a different person. My family, friends and work colleagues have remarked on my positive and happy appearance... Words cannot express my gratitude for your dedication in helping me to reclaim my life and the joy I now feel waking up everyday knowing I am surrounded by my loved ones.

Cheryl W

In November 2009 I spent a week working with Izabella on issues relating to femininity, personal healing and relationships. Izabella taught me how to connect with and process my feelings as they arise. Learning this skill has had ongoing benefits for me with taking ownership of my feelings and listening to what they are telling me. Since my retreat I have experienced ongoing benefits in my relationships with my family and am now in a wonderful intimate relationship and am able to communicate my feelings as they arise. I have also been utilising strategies for embracing my femininity and have never felt more at one with myself. I highly recommend Izabella as a coach and facilitator of personal growth and healing.

Karli Moulston

Thank you for your compassion, willingness and caring that has taught me so much in such a short time. It will act as a catalyst for life long positive change. I am now armed with knowledge and tools to effectively make long term positive changes in all aspects of my life. Izabella special thanks for your support and encouragement during my difficult time - it was greatly appreciated. In gratitude.

Dianne Peak
I would definitely recommend the retreat to friends/ family and anyone I come in contact with. A very amazing spiritual / psychological journey that will change my life and was very much desired and needed! Amazing, location, food, R & R, and special mention to amazing staff - I appreciate your services, time, effort, love, support and healing powers and talents. An experience that I will cherish for the rest of my life. Set me free.
Holly J

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