I am driving over the bridge, past the river, on the country road away from home. A baby wild, hairy bush pig lands on the passenger, left side of my car. I swerve in order to try and protect it from harm. But I end up going over the edge of the road into the river. My car still has enough power to keep driving across the river. I almost make it to the other side of the bank. But not quite. Somehow I scramble out of the car, as it sinks to the bottom of the river. It lodges still and solid within the river rocks. The shimmery ripples of brownish, bluish hues reflect back up at me as my eyes meet the scene. Since I’m not far from home, it’s obvious that I now walk home.

The next morning I wake up with the new and obvious clarity that I can get my car out. When I return to the scene of my sunken car, I have the strength to effortlessly lift the car from the riverbed and put it back on the road. I drive my car home, without a trace of damage.

I remember in the dream marvelling at how it was only because I had SEALED THE EXITS and LEAKS (which had actually occurred spontaneously within me during some body psychotherapy sessions in my waking life) that the car remained intact.

I also remember the very vivid knowing that no matter what I have endured in my life, the truth of who I am on the inside, has never been touched or tampered with. I reclaimed the truth of that and the belief in my inner strength. Even when I had hit rock bottom, I clearly have the physical strength and resilience to pick myself up, carry on and enact appropriate solutions. Being shown that who I truly am has actually remained unaffected and untouched, has given me back a part of myself that can now rest in the deep peace of acceptance of my true, human power.

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Izabella Siodmak facilitates private retreats for couples to resolve stubborn conflict and get on the same page again. She also facilitates 1 on 1 individual Emotional Wellness Retreats. This journey takes you into the roots of recurring patterns and helps you to transform aspects of this emotionally, psychologically and somatically leaving more energy & space for your true character to flourish. Izabella has written & published a variety of self-help books too.
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