There’s no short cuts. If you’re suffering in some area of your life you’ve got to work through it.

If you have unprocessed emotions creating pain and generating certain ways of thinking and you believe that changing something on the outside will magically and permanently erase this, that’s a bandaid. Emotions need to be held, heard, processed and a safe space provided for you to WHOLE-BODILY engage with them, their wisdom, their energy… their original SOURCE.

Only when you fully meet your emotions in your body do you become truly free.

You can’t use thoughts / mind / spiritual quotes / affirmations to shift what’s stored in your cells or to complete the unfinished unconscious business that mostly lies outside of conscious awareness, yet requires healing.

When you give up ALL the excuses not to feel and you SURRENDER IN rather than DISTRACT OUT you begin the organic release of energy that has been stuck.

THEN your mind gains a natural clarity and your consciousness informs you PRECISELY what you’re now ready to embody. No thinking is necessary. The new truth comes alive and blazes forth into rite action … from the liberated core and from the inside out.

Izabella Siodmak Administrator
Retreat Facilitator Retreat Founder Natural Attitudes Embody Retreat
Izabella Siodmak facilitates private retreats for couples to resolve stubborn conflict and get on the same page again. She also facilitates 1 on 1 individual Emotional Wellness Retreats. This journey takes you into the roots of recurring patterns and helps you to transform aspects of this emotionally, psychologically and somatically leaving more energy & space for your true character to flourish. Izabella has written & published a variety of self-help books too.
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