Natural Attitudes

began in its retreat format in 2003

as a result of founder Izabella Siodmak desiring a more effective way to facilitate positive change for her clients. She left her existing clinics in Brisbane (Australia) servicing health, wellbeing and life coaching and positions as a herbalist at MediHerb and nutritionist at BioConcepts in order to build a boutique retreat center near the mountains of Maleny. This 1 on 1 fully immersive retreat experience translated into more impactful and accelerated transformation for clients.

Although the initial focus was on detox & rejuvenation

It didn’t take long before clients were pouring their heart out

 confiding their long-held secrets into the safe, loving and nature-filled space away from the daily grind. This emotional catharsis proved to be the most significant element of the healing journey and the highly popular Mental & Emotional Wellness Retreat was born. With a focus on supporting people with anxiety, depression, stress, disconnection and eating disorders people from all around Australia and some from overseas would attend this private, exclusive 1 guest only retreat.

Working with the body’s unconscious stored material

became the next natural evolution

In 2017 Izabella was drawn to work more deeply with the body again. With a Biochemistry degree already under her belt from over two decades prior, now she was called to study somatic (body-based) psychotherapy. She also undertook training in Embodied Couples work with Marcia and Brian Gleason, graduating in 2018.

There is a limit to what can be accessed through the conscious mind. Working with the subconscious emotional material stored in the body has a much more powerful psychotherapeutic effect. Engaging through the  body allows you to go directly to the source of the emotional pain in question, release it and create the space for a new reality. The new reality occurs in part from the corrective relationship experience with your therapist as well as the new possibilities now available in how you relate with others in your life.

We apply somatic psychotherapy amongst other modalities to help you integrate psychological trauma, heal attachment wounds and correct the incomplete stages of child development that are still adversely affecting your relationships in adulthood. Our retreats provide a safe space to work through the relationship difficulties which express via characteristic patterns of defence against the original psychological injuries. Anxiety, depression, denial and dissociation are viewed as a symptom of trauma that requires attention, care and compassionate attunement. With this embodied approach you can expect more vitality, a sense of authentic empowerment and improvement in how you relate to yourself and others. Select from our two retreat programmes below:

Revitalising Love Couples Retreat

“Izabella changed my life-long pattern of staying stuck in the story and how the other person was at fault. She encouraged me to drop beneath what was happening, and feel my deeper, primal feelings. At first I was resistant, but with practice I was able to see HOW I’d created what was happening in my life as a recreation of childhood dynamics and how I’d been avoiding taking true responsibility! Really how I had been delaying my true healing. Now when something triggers me, I can relatively quickly drop down to feel the root feelings and get to my truth. I know I have the power to change things.

I felt completely seen and supported in all of my messy, confusing, overwhelming emotions. This was new for me. Izabella wanted my vulnerable truth. She was right there with me the whole time I was processing and working through my stuff, without trying to change me or tell me I was wrong. Just to receive this acceptance and validation from another is HUGE when you’ve never had it. I totally trusted her. Going forward, I feel much more empowered knowing that all my emotions are all OK, and my work is to be with them the way she was. I can heal the past so it doesn’t have to keep repeating, and it’s not something outside of myself.

Izabella is a brilliant therapist. You can tell she is doing this work from her soul. She’s so empathetic and attuned to what’s happening inside of the client. Yet I feel a healthy balance between caring and holding you accountable where you need to make changes. She’s also knowledgeable about many things – not just therapy and there’s so much depth to her as a soul and human being. She can relate to a person on psychological, emotional, and spiritual levels as THEY need. She also has an intuitive gift to feel into the deep subconscious energy dynamics of situations and share prompts that lead to profound insights. Thank you Izabella, for truly helping me change my life. I’m forever grateful!”

Danielle A