When you be together with another in physical presence and open heart you feel the tension they feel, but you know it’s not yours. And you stay.

When you be with another in physical presence and open heart you are together in their pain but you know it’s not yours. And you stay.

And when you breathe together synchronised with their body you enter the essence of their story of trauma with its interwoven imprints and scars left upon them. And you love them.

You love them whole.

You know them. You are getting to know them. This incredible, unique, perfect being with perfect anger, perfect grief, perfect fear, perfect tears and perfect joy.

In their own paradigm. You understand them.

Remind them of all the pieces of themselves that they trustingly dare to reveal to you.

Help each part know and reclaim its god-given purpose.

And let the parts that have a voice express what they need to say. Say it exactly as it is. Repeat it until it is said with the tone and timbre that rings of truth, knowing nothing is now held back, here together with you. Not directed at you, but in the presence of you. Said as it lives, or has lived, inside their body. Sometimes trapped for decades. Only witnessed now. Holding a safe space for it all.

Letting the pushback with their hands express and transform into the inexplicable sense of their true need, laid bare before their eyes. A smile of surprise. They didn’t know what was hiding underneath the defence.

Feet running firm on the ground, voices and sound, breath. Images coming back and finally being able to escape and no longer be trapped, in the past. Bigger than the small. Integrating it all.

And the arms that need to swing above and hit down on the padding in front are accompanied by the thrust that gives birth to the person’s true power. This is not the nice hour. The power takes on a life of its own. Primal grunt pours out from the dark recesses long forgotten. Encouragement of them is my co-created expression. And a chunk of their unconsciousness is transformed.

I’ve got your back. Hands of support. The energy taken in.

A head nod, gestures of rapport.

Letting the ‘NO’ out and the scream. Letting the shattered dream fall.

Hearing their plea, their desire, their yearning heart’s call.

The grief.

Then the laughter arises, complete release takes hold.

Facing these feelings through the whole body wasn’t so scary after all.

This is their face off with embodied freedom, now.

The time has come.

And we sit back in our chairs delightfully exhausted with the journey, but completed relieved.

And together oh so alive.

Izabella Siodmak Administrator
Retreat Facilitator Retreat Founder Natural Attitudes Embody Retreat
Izabella Siodmak facilitates private retreats for couples to resolve stubborn conflict and get on the same page again. She also facilitates 1 on 1 individual Emotional Wellness Retreats. This journey takes you into the roots of recurring patterns and helps you to transform aspects of this emotionally, psychologically and somatically leaving more energy & space for your true character to flourish. Izabella has written & published a variety of self-help books too.
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