An exclusive, private, safe space to Heal & Retreat

Wholistic, all-inclusive, professional support for you or your partnership

 What Makes Our Retreats Different 

Natural Attitudes provides a safe relating space of compassion and attunement where you are held, understood and seen in where you are and the circumstances of how you got here. Drawing also on somatic psychotherapy to integrate trauma and release heavy, painful emotions from the body, your body lightens, you feel more connected and new insights and possibilities for the future authentically open up for you.

The desire to feel good emotionally and be at ease in your body is a core human drive. Yet, it can be difficult to attain and sustain. Relationship breakdowns, conflict, sudden changes in life resulting in overwhelm, unexpected loss and crisis can trigger strong emotions that feel unmanageable and uncomfortable.

Conversely chronic unhealed trauma can result in a kind of emotional shutdown and numbness, aloneness, deflation and depression, withdrawal from life and separation from others that leaves you feeling flat, unmotivated and disengaged. Both types of experiences necessitate a reaching out for support in order to begin the healing process.

Here at Natural Attitudes Retreats, we work exclusively with only one individual or couple in residence at a time to ensure you receive undivided attention that is tailored to your specific needs, This provides you with direct professional support in reconnecting with yourself or reigniting your relationship.

The Emotional Wellness Retreat supports you to calm anxiety & confusion, transform disconnect and despair and enliven your energy. Get the right support as well as work consciously with the link between unfelt emotions, undigested experiences and the onset of disease and illness.  


The Revitalising Love Retreat supports each partner to safely release their habitual defensive emotional blocks  and synchronise together in the natural flow of love again. Learn how to successfully navigate and transform your conflict into a constructive building of deeper trust that supports your relationship to flourish.