An exclusive, private and Safe Space for you to Heal & Retreat

Wholistic, all-inclusive, professional support for Individuals & Couples

The desire to feel good emotionally and be at ease in your body is a core human drive. Yet, it can be difficult to attain and sustain. Relationship breakdowns, conflict, sudden changes in life resulting in overwhelm, unexpected loss and crisis can trigger intense emotions that feel so unmanageable and uncomfortable.

Conversely chronic unhealed trauma can result in a kind of emotional shutdown and numbness, aloneness, deflation and depression, withdrawal from life and separation from others that leaves you feeling flat, unmotivated and disengaged. Both types of experiences, if they remain unresolved, necessitate a reaching out for support in order to begin the healing process.

It is in the relating space where you are being held, understood and seen that your life can change; heavy, painful emotions that may have been buried can begin to release, your body starts to lighten and new possibilities for the future authentically open up in front of you. It is in the compassionate presence of an attuned other that what has been missing can now be received, imprinted and realised. It is in being lovingly witnessed in the vulnerability of reconnecting with yourself , where your strength can return and your grounding and confidence can be regained.

Natural Attitudes facilitates two supportive retreat experiences:

A completely private healing retreat for you as an individual to:

  • mend your heart
  • melt away the incessant thoughts and
  • dissolve the chronic tension in the body

The couples relationship retreat to:

  • clear your personal blocks
  • repair communication
  • restore connection and 
  • reignite love and intimacy in your partnership

Emotional Wellness Retreat

A private healing retreat to release, realign and reconnect with yourself


Heal the conflict

Professional Support for your Intimate Partnership

The Revitalising Love Retreat allows each partner to safely and vulnerably release their personal, emotional obstructions and synchronise together in the natural flow of love again. With the presence of your attuned therapist your unique relationship dynamics are first witnessed, held non-judgementally and then intuitively guided into harmonious resolution.

Revitalising Love Retreat

Restore & Repair the connection