Australia 1:1 Retreats

Eating Reordered Self Love Retreat

Have you been sent to a doctor who tells you to just eat more (or stop vomiting) and come back next week? Or a psyche that’s as dry as the textbook she’s studied and you just know she can’t help you the way you truly need? Well, then I understand your frustration.    Because an […]

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The Return of the Masculine Retreat

because sometimes he disappears but comes right back in  Are you lost, unsure, feeling impotent yet weighed down by emotions? Do you lack the passion, action and motivation to move forward? A man too much in his feminine is distracted by outer forces, manipulated by others, seduced by surface temptations and lacks the focus and […]

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The Empowered, Embodied Woman Retreat

At the core of every woman lies her sensual, sexual, radiant self. Left unseen and unexpressed, she suffers greatly.  Does your heart ever hurt because you feel as if … No-one really sees you? No-one listens to what you’re truly saying? No-one really “gets” you and neither do they care to try to understand? You’re […]

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Mental and Emotional Wellness Retreat

Done with Depresssion? Sick of the Stuckness? Over the Fear and Anxiety?   mental and emotional wellness retreats are for you if you experience any of the following: Fixing, Rescuing, Saving Others Being over-responsible for Others + Exhausted from Caring too Much Being Hard on Yourself Feeling Not Good Enough and Undeserving of Things/ Experiences […]

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