Restoration Retreat

Being the recipient of psychological and/ or Narcissistic Abuse  is a very painful and emotionally taxing experience. The trauma and stress can leave you unable to function for a lengthy period of time, which in turn negatively impacts all areas of your life. You’re likely to also be feeling confused, lost and perhaps still under the […]

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Eating Reordered Self Love Retreat

Have you been sent to a doctor who tells you to just eat more (or stop vomiting) and come back next week? Or a psyche that’s as dry as the textbook she’s studied and you just know she can’t help you the way you truly need? Well, then I understand your frustration.    Because an […]

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Mental and Emotional Wellness Retreat

Done with Depresssion? Sick of the Stuckness? Over the Fear and Anxiety?   mental and emotional wellness retreats are for you if you experience any of the following: Fixing, Rescuing, Saving Others Being over-responsible for Others + Exhausted from Caring too Much Being Hard on Yourself Feeling Not Good Enough and Undeserving of Things/ Experiences […]

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