Yoni Spa Healing Retreat

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Retreat into the Wild. Meet your sensual essential self.

Slow down & Clear out the clutter

Relax & Receive the ultimate in feminine nurture

Revive the Bliss of being that is your innate nature

Yoni mapping therapist and embodiment educator Juliette McConachy welcomes you to two full days of soulful sanctum and sexual sensual empowerment.

If you’re looking to make lasting change, it starts with making the time and taking space.

You have earned it!

No matter your life style or life experiences your body is designed for self healing and pleasure.

It is no small thing the reclamation or deepening embodiment of you sexual sensual soulful self.

Yoni Spa Luxury Retreats honour the beauty of the quest home to fullness and seek to support you to curate the beginning of the most beautiful love affair you will ever have, that of yourself to yourself.

The focus of these retreats is time out for you to be cared for and to care take your self, to get to know your body and its immense capacity for relaxation, restoration and pleasure.
Yoni mapping its self is NOT a compulsory part of the package, in fact none of it is. When you fill in your intake form you will be asked what your interested in receiving and how you would like to work together. We will sit together on the first day and plan your personal retreat experience based on the intake form and how you are in your being at that point in time. Everything is available to you and we will slide what you want together so that your time flows sweetly in the way best suited to your needs.

You will be held by the offerings of this retreat and the beautiful landscape at Natural Attitudes within Crystal Waters Ecovillage. You are free to wander the land here, to swim in the river and dam, to hang out with the wildlife and to sit on the day bed over looking the mountains and day dream.

This private, one guest only retreat offers a safe space of compassion and care to begin, or continue your healing and recovery. You will experience a wholistic journey into your mind, heart, body and soul and come to understand more about yourself. Returning home, you’ll feel wholesome and reconnected to the unique woman that you are.


Yoni Spa Retreat
AUD$23002 days/ 2 night
  • 2 Feminine embodiment practices
  • 1 Personalised pleasure education session
  • 1 Full body massage 90 mins
  • 1 Yoni mapping therapy session
  • Unlimited use of Far Infrared Sauna
  • Unlimited use of private ozone Spa
  • 1 Guided relaxation meditation
  • Home made organic meals
  • Time with nature
  • Space to write, to draw, to create, breath, dance, BE
  • All natural organic body care products : body scrubs, face masks, organic perfumes

Frequently Asked Questions about emPower Health Retreats

What time does the retreat start and finish

The retreat will begin at 10am on the first day and end in the afternoon on the second day, around 2pm.

Who is the Facilitator of your Yoni Spa Retreat?

Juliette is an embodiment therapist guiding women through movement massage and meditation to reclaim  their total and sincere self. She has a confident presence and nurturing touch whilst holding a vast space for you to be as you are – whether raw, tender, crazy, hurt, unforgiving, scared, lost or blissful.  All is welcome and accepted, which brings great healing. Qualified  as an Embodied Flow™ Facilitator, Psychosomatic therapist, Yoga & Mediation teacher, Zen thai Shiatsu Therapist & Yoni Mapping Therapist she is one of the massage therapists at Natural Attitudes and facilitates the Yoni Spa Retreat at Natural Attitudes.

How is Natural Attitudes different from other retreats?

At Natural Attitudes we work from the inside out. Meaning, connecting to how you think, feel and sense internally. From this space and focus is where clearing blocks can take place effectively. Clearing emotional blocks, old limiting mindsets and trauma in the body creates a true foundation for real change. A new sense of aliveness from within is now possible and emerges naturally. Regardless of which retreat focus you choose, each Natural Attitudes embody Retreat is private, one-on-one, so you can safely and deeply drop into your full self.

What is the follow-up after my retreat?

After your retreat is complete, depending on your retreat program, you will have a set number of follow-up emPower sessions which you can use at a ‘as needed’ basis. It is up to you to make contact and schedule your follow-up sessions. We understand that habits can take time to die, so if you find yourself triggered and unable fully utilise the tools we have shared with you, then scheduling a session as soon as possible is recommended, before the momentum of old patterns gathers any further. As we have a record of the key aspects of your process from the retreat, we can quickly and skillfully support you to regroup, without having to go through it all again blow by blow.

What is the payment, cancellation, transfer or refund policy for residential retreats?

A 50% deposit must be made to secure your booking space. All deposits are non-refundable, however in the event of you not being able to attend your designated dates, dates can be transferred to a future date within 6 months of original date, if we are notified not less than 14 days prior to the original booked date.

Full payment as per the payment total is due upon arrival at the retreat.

What is the food like?

All meals are sugar-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, vegetarian and gourmet raw living cuisine. Where possible we use organic and fresh ingredients from our garden or local produce. Some retreats utilize fresh to order gourmet raw catering. Live foods have enzymes present that support your digestion and therefore allow more nutrients to be accessed by the body. This means more energy and a deep rejuvenation of your body’s cells for superior health. Guests consistently experience feeling deliciously satisfied and full, yet not bloated or tired like from conventional cooked meals. As we say, your body never lies about what truly feels good for it.

How do I book a retreat?

Your booking process starts with contacting us via the telephone on 07 54944558 or email at info@naturalattitudes.com. We’ll gather your details and ascertain the right dates for you and then take your 50% deposit via direct deposit to secure your private space. You can also fill in an online booking form where we will get in contact with you. When the deposit is in place you will receive an email confirmation with all relevant details of your retreat, what to bring and a further online health history form to fill out.