The Rising of the Feminine Retreat

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because sometimes she collapses but always rises again, stronger


As a woman, when you lose connection to your feminine you may become shut down and disconnected. You stop trusting your intuition and flow. Instead, you might start pushing, over-intellectualizing, controlling and forcing. Life becomes rigid and a sense of numbness can ensue. You may become too hard, defensive, disapproving and very discontent. Behaviours of comfort eating, gossiping and creating drama may have become poor attempts to refill yourself too.

The Rising of the Feminine Retreat restores your feminine flow

If you’ve become too emotionally unexpressive, your emotional exuberance will be turned on.
If you’re feeing lifeless and unattractive, your creative expression and aliveness will flourish.
If you’re too guarded, your heart will beautifully open.
If you are too much in your masculine, your feminine style and grace will shine bright again.


Through a series of nourishing 1 on 1 experiences we will allow your feminine energy more playtime. We will bring in the balance that’s exactly right for you. Here, you feel whole. Here you shine, radiantly and beautifully from your truth, your body and your heart.


The Rising of the Feminine Retreat is a safe, deep 1 on 1 space to clear the shut down, to deconstruct the linear, pushy armoured rigidity that is the hallmark of a deficit in the full flow of feminine energy.


Together, through ritual, communication, a safe space held and a deep honouring you’ll be supported to return to your feminine essence

  • Let go of control
  • Surrender into your essence
  • Allow yourself to receive
  • Trust and fully honour your intuition and psychic knowing
  • Enjoy the pleasure of dance, sound, touch, sacred ritual and ceremony
  • Embrace all your emotions to discover the unique gifts they have for you
  • Activate the transformative power of sacred anger
  • Be nurtured and cared for deeply and meaningfully
  • Remember self-compassion and grace
  • Explore and permit the feminine archetypes and goddesses present within you

Facilitated by Izabella Siodmak with your choice also of session/s with Amanda Hogg and Juliette McConachy



Psychic Tarot Reading that will give you a deeper insight in to yourself, your life direction, your obstacles to achieving your goals (if any) and your wonderful gifts.
Healing Sounds Session where you explore the healing potential of your voice using sacred sounds from Nada yoga and your own individual melodic mantra that you’ll be supported in finding.
Body Symphony Session Through the gentle hands-on listening technique of Body Harmony and being lead into the technique of Body Symphony you will explore the sounds and music within your own body and soul that will support a healing release and raising of your vibration.
The Gift of Faery Sight provides you with a journey, exploration and initiation into gently looking into nature to see the devic beings and auras of plants, crystals, trees, stone and wood.

Connecting to Beloved in Spirit This session supports you into a connection and healing release with any being whom you have lost by giving you tools to understand your own ability with spiritual mediumship.



Yoni Mapping Therapy (YMT) A holistic healing modality working specifically with pelvic health care and sexual wellbeing. This is an opportunity to be met intimately with the love and respect that your yoni deserves. So many of us come from and still carry an unhealthy relationship to the most sacred and powerful place within our selves. YMT is a chance to reclaim your beauty, comfort and pleasure so that you can be ALL of the beauty you are.
Restorative Yoga with Massage & Guided Meditation One on one restorative yoga sessions drenched in luxury and sensuality. Soften the body into gentle supported yoga poses to allow your nervous system to completely relax. With guided mediation and touch to enhance the benefits of the poses, this is a delicious way to tend to the tenderness of the heart and bathe her in surrender. With essential oils, soothing tunes this is bound to lead you into a night of deep sleep.
Therapeutic Touch For Women (TTW) With a therapeutic blend of zenthai shiatsu and oil massage you’ll be guided into your body by soothing meditative guidance on where to place your attention in order to meet and release tension and trauma stored in the physical, the mental and the emotional terrain of your being. Through the willingness to be present to what is you will release with breath and sound, maybe tears, maybe laughter, the old stories and future hopes that hold you hostage from inhabiting the pleasure of yourself in this present moment.


The Rising of the Feminine Retreat
$AU29003 days - 2 nights
  • 1-on-1 Facilitation
  • All Meals - Living Raw Gourmet
  • Private Accommodation
  • 6 emPower sessions
  • 2 emBody sessions
  • 2 Intuitive Movement
  • 2 Guided Meditations
  • 1 Follow-up emPower sessions
  • Take home emPower tools
  • Unlimited Sauna / Spa / Pool




Joanne Rodney

Energizing, uplifting, empowering. Marriage saving!

Cheryl W

It's been just over a week since completing the programme and I feel like a different person. My family, friends and work colleagues have remarked on my positive and happy appearance... Words cannot express my gratitude for your dedication in helping me to reclaim my life and the joy I now feel waking up everyday knowing I am surrounded by my loved ones.

Shelly Wright

Beyond my expectation on multiple levels. Life saving and changing. Thank you.

Karli Moulston

Yoga Teacher

In November 2009 I spent a week working with Izabella on issues relating to femininity, personal healing and relationships. Izabella taught me how to connect with and process my feelings as they arise. Learning this skill has had ongoing benefits for me with taking ownership of my feelings and listening to what they are telling me. Since my retreat I have experienced ongoing benefits in my relationships with my family and am now in a wonderful intimate relationship and am able to communicate my feelings as they arise. I have also been utilising strategies for embracing my femininity and have never felt more at one with myself. I highly recommend Izabella as a coach and facilitator of personal growth and healing.

Darren B

I had an experience that went way beyond my imagination. It was a lifetime changing journey.

Jan H

A tremendous experience for me with both physical and emotional breakthoughs, with a wealth of absolutely practical resources to take away. Thanks (heartfelt).

Kate W

Natural Attitudes has provided me with the tools I can use to further enhance my holistic health and well being. The amazing moments of enlightenment that 'just happen' cannot be described until you participate in this experience. Izabella and Giya are too amazing for words as well. Forever grateful. Thank you!

Fiona W

Thank you to my dear 'healing pixies!' I am eternally grateful for your wisdom, knowledge, sharing, care, love, and generosity of spirit.

Diane Peak

Thank you for your compassion, willingness and caring that has taught me so much in such a short time. It will act as a catalyst for life long positive change. I am now armed with knowledge and tools to effectively make long term positive changes in all aspects of my life. Izabella special thanks for your support and encouragement during my difficult time - it was greatly appreciated. In gratitude.

Jenny Power

I have found myself again. Thank You...

Jade Hodgkins

I have felt such a positive change taking place the past few days. I'm ready to move forward with joy and love.





Frequently Asked Questions about emPower Health Retreats

How is Natural Attitudes different from other retreats?

At Natural Attitudes we work from the inside out. Meaning, changing how you think and therefore how you feel. Clearing emotional blocks and old, limiting mindsets and creating new possibilities is the true foundation for real change. Here, you’re inspired and juiced up from within rather than temporarily motivated by goals fuelled by limited willpower. Natural Attitudes emPower Health Retreats engage the physical modalities of high vibrational raw foods, natural surrounds, emBody massages and intuitive movement as an accelerating support for the personal inner shifts.

– We don’t give lifestyle advice but we do teach you to connect to your own answers.
– We don’t spend much time on the problems but we do facilitate you into a state of accessing the right re-solutions.
– We don’t pity your situation but we do encourage you to connect to your inspiration and insight.
– We don’t set goals with you, but we guide you to connect to your desires and how to truly allow them to manifest.
– We don’t force an emotional catharsis but we do guide you back to your natural state of joy, love and peace.

Once you know how to tap in and turn this on, you can continue to experience more joy, happiness, ease and confidence.

How do I book a retreat?

Your booking process starts with contacting us via the telephone on +61 449 267 891 or email at We’ll gather your details and ascertain the right dates for you and then take your 50% deposit via direct deposit to secure your private space. You can also fill in an online booking form where we will get in contact with you. When the deposit is in place you will receive an email confirmation with all relevant details of your retreat, what to bring and a further online health history form to fill out.

What time does the retreat start and finish?

Your retreat begins at 10am on the first day of retreat and completes by 4pm of the last day. For example, a 3 day retreat would start 10am on Day 1 and finish 4pm Day 3. Includes 2 nights stay.

How should I prepare before my retreat?

We strongly recommend giving yourself the gift of you during your journey with us, and showing up fully. Please minimize the amount of contact with others via mobiles and internet during your retreats, and if possible completely switch off, or set a once a day time to quickly check your messages.  This allows you to reconnect more deeply with you and solidify some new healthy habits without outside habits and distractions pulling on you.

If you are ready to kick habits such as smoking, drinking, recreational drugs and other substances we recommend you consider ways of preparing for this, before the retreat start. You may like to reduce your intake, however we will support you if it is something you begin during your stay here. All retreats are designed to address core obstacles, so anything that these substances are masking, is often addressed. Smoking is not permitted within indoor retreat spaces.

What is the follow-up after my retreat?

After your retreat is complete, depending on your retreat program, you will have a set number of follow-up emPower sessions which you can use at a ‘as needed’ basis. It is up to you to make contact and schedule your follow-up sessions. We understand that habits can take time to die, so if you find yourself triggered and unable fully utilise the tools we have shared with you, then scheduling a session as soon as possible is recommended, before the momentum of old patterns gathers any further. As we have a record of the key aspects of your process from the retreat, we can quickly and skillfully support you to regroup, without having to go through it all again blow by blow.

What is the payment, cancellation, transfer or refund policy for residential retreats?

A 50% deposit must be made to secure your booking space. All deposits are non-refundable, however in the event of you not being able to attend your designated dates, dates can be transferred to a future date within 6 months of original date, if we are notified not less than 14 days prior to the original booked date.

Full payment as per the payment total is due upon completion of retreat, including also in circumstances where for any unforeseeable reasons you need to return home earlier than the set retreat date completion.

What is the food like?

All meals are sugar-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, vegetarian and gourmet raw living cuisine. Where possible we use organic and fresh ingredients from our garden or local produce. Some retreats utilize fresh to order gourmet raw catering. Live foods have enzymes present that support your digestion and therefore allow more nutrients to be accessed by the body. This means more energy and a deep rejuvenation of your body’s cells for superior health. Guests consistently experience feeling deliciously satisfied and full, yet not bloated or tired like from conventional cooked meals. As we say, your body never lies about what truly feels good for it.