Restoration Retreat

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Being the recipient of psychological and/ or Narcissistic Abuse  is a very painful and emotionally taxing experience. The trauma and stress can leave you unable to function for a lengthy period of time, which in turn negatively impacts all areas of your life. You’re likely to also be feeling confused, lost and perhaps still under the addictive pull of the trauma bond with the perpetrator. Cognitive dissonance makes it hard to make sense of everything. Overwhelm sets in which is why getting support and not doing this alone, is essential.

The Restoration Retreat is designed to give you the rest and reset that you need. The focus is on:
soothing your nervous system, healing the wounds (present and past) and nourishing your body.


This retreat is also suitable for trauma arising from Relationship Wounds pertaining to Insecure Attachment: Anxious attachment, Avoidant attachment and Disorganised attachment. If you’ve struggled to maintain healthy close connections and either reach out anxiously and live in constant fear of abandonment, you distance yourself and believe you do not need to be close to anyone or you cycle through fears of abandonment and then shutdown in a push-pull, come-here/ go away manner then this retreat can help you to move towards the secure attachment that can diminish these reactions.
Through a combination of wholistic modalities and approaches you will regain your clarity, restore your inner peace and re-establish your sense of self. Your private 1 on 1 exclusive guest retreat ensures maximum healing with no distractions and a focus that’s completely on you and your healing. Your retreat is facilitated by Izabella but other female facilitators may facilitate sessions where appropriate too. In areas of safely re-opening your sensuality and sexuality Juliette can offer extra support and Amanda can assist the voice to express powerfully and clearly.

Although it is important, as part of your healing, to understand how the narcissist / psychological abuser operates and why, this retreat will be predominantly focused on you and your healing. Truly, we can’t expect people without empathy and a conscience to practise accountability, honour boundaries, own and correct for their abusive and exploitative behaviours and understand the importance of relatively equal give and take.

But you can …

  • honour your own boundaries by having nothing to do with them and people who don’t authentically care for you
  • become aware of the unconscious wounding from your childhood that this experience reflects
  • process your arising feelings with self-compassion
  • complete the release of emotions with the correct somatic expression, sound and movement so the emotions of fear, anger and grief are not unconsciously stuck in your body
  • open up to the natural thought repatterning that can now effortlessly arise after the emotional and bodily release
  • connect to your expanded new beliefs often and notice how this reality feels in your body
  • get bodywork and energy healing to counter any strong dissociation and to support integration and embodiment
  • seal off the ways you gave away your power and energy
  • utilise nutritional serotonin and dopamine agonists as well as specific herbal nervine tonics to counter and soothe any love addiction, stress, anxiety, depression and depletion from trauma
  • create a joyful, nourishing self-care routine that allows you to thrive and feel alive
  • take responsibility for meeting your needs in healthy, clear and safe ways
  • appreciate the people in your life who are committed to healthy ways of relating based on vulnerability and honesty that leads to mutual emotional safety and a strong, steady building of trust
  • enjoy a kickass, empowered and authentic way of being YOU
All of the above, and more, are included in your private one on one 5 day Restoration Retreat.
Restoration Retreat
$24005 days / 4 nights
  • 1-on-1 Facilitation
  • All Meals - Living Raw Gourmet
  • Private Accommodation
  • 5 emPower sessions
  • 2 emBody sessions (massage / energy healing)
  • 4 Intuitive Movement sessions
  • 4 Guided Meditations
  • 1 Follow-up emPower session after retreat
  • Take home emPower tools
  • Unlimited Sauna / Spa / Pool (depending on location)

We’ve made the cost very affordable so that it is more accessible to women who really need the support.