1 day womens Reconnected Retreat

Women's Retreats / Workshops 1 day Group

Do you struggle to receive the right support?

Experience crippling Abandonment?

Want to build Confidence from the inside out rather than
rely on external circumstances and / or men?

Need a safe space in your recovery from abuse?

Come join this intimate group of women where we
gather for the day to deeply explore these issues and embody new realities.

Be nourished by sharing in circle.

Integrate the lower self/ shadow.

Tap into ancient women’s wisdom.

Delight in powerful, life enhancing rituals.

Practice somatic techniques that create real, lasting shifts through the body.

Enjoy deeper states of pleasure.

Listen. Heal. Support. Move. Breathe together.


18 Aug 2018 9-5pm

Benefit from Izabella Siodmak‘s 20 years as a therapist and 15 years of facilitating retreats.

Investment: $88 includes gourmet raw lunch and spa treats to complete the day

Venue: Natural Attitudes emBody Retreat (Sunshine Coast Hinterland)


Prioritise Yourself. Walk with Strength. Melt in Love.

Great Value at $88 for the Day

enquiries: info@naturalattitudes.com