Boosting your Body’s Energy Flow for Relaxation, Rejuvenation and Inspiration

Energy work, also known as Energy Healing and Hands on Healing, has been around as long as the recorded history of man, and appears to be something we see universally, even among animals.  When a mother of any species comforts it’s baby physically it is doing energy work. The extension of care, especially through touch, is a powerful way to support another in returning to the true self, that part of them that is at the core beyond the moment to moment movement of life, yet can be covered up with thoughts and feelings in the moment.

Some forms of energy work come from ancient cultures such as Qigong and acupuncture from China and the various modalities from India, which include pranic healing and ayurvedic among others. New forms can include Reiki (though this is thought to be a “rediscovered” form of energy healing), Therapeutic touch, reflexology and a myriad of other forms dealing with the human body and  related energy fields, which can include the mental, emotional and spiritual fields. All these fall under the broad category of Energy Healing, or Energy Medicine or Therapy, and even complementary or alternative medical therapies or modalities.

The student of these practices not only benefits from them personally, they also can support others actively with these practices if they choose to become a practitioner.   Depending on the energy healing modality, they will first support the client in reducing or removing any blockages to the natural flow of life force or energy through the body. Think of these blockages like trees fallen across a stream affecting the flow of the water, and the practitioner, in cooperation with the client, will support the life stream in flowing smoothly and naturally again by removing these blockages.

Blockages can occur from many things, including an accident, poor diet, lack of physical movement, or even stuck thoughts and emotions that are repeated over time. Usually we know when we have a blockage when our body hurts, we have low energy, and our thoughts and emotions feel stagnant or worse.

The practitioner may physically connect with the client, work off the body, or even over distances. After the detection of any blockages, the practitioner will support the body to returning to it’s natural state by reducing or removing the blockage within the various techniques in the modality training they have received. So, in the case of Reiki, they allow the flow of universal or divine energy to flow through them into the person to help dissolve the blockage, and begin the restoration of the body to it’s highest expression. The practitioner does not use their own life force or energy, instead “channelling” the higher energies through them for the benefit of the person with awareness and a sense of well being.

The form this may take is varied both upon the modality used and the skill and training of the practitioner. Many practitioners may use a combination of modalities as inspired. Body work is also incorporated into some of the practices, including movement or even massage. A massage therapist may also utilise reiki as example and consciously draw on the flow of energy through them to support the clients muscles to relax as well as offer an overall sense of well being arising from the client. It is typical after an energy session that the client feels relaxed and energized, with a deep sense of peace. The effects of these sessions may last for hours or even days, and if there is some sharing of techniques the client can do with themselves, it may last a lifetime.

Natural Attitudes Health Retreat offers a unique combinations of energy work and massage that supports you via an emBody session. You will continue to clear any blockages on any level, and restore the natural flow of energy and vitality throughout your body. This is a great accompaniment to the emPower experience sessions that form the foundation of all the retreat programs.