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A Great Attitude Brings Good Health and Happiness, Naturally

Exclusive 1 Guest Only Retreats

Solo, private 1-on-1 embody Health Retreats. No distraction, totally attuned to your specific needs and resolutions.

Gentle, feel-good Results

It's not easy - but it's simple - once you know how and you have the right tools and processes to support growth and change.

Positively Life Changing

Get to the deeper root causes of your obstacles, rather than just dealing with the symptoms and behaviours on the surface.


The desire to feel good emotionally and at ease in your body is a core human aspiration. Yet, it can be difficult to attain and sustain.
Natural Attitudes has developed a proven methodology via our completely private and one on one signature Mental and Emotional wellness retreat program, that allows you to access genuine feelings of wellness and harmony from within you.
Our gift is our ability to accurately attune to you and quickly address what’s really going on at the heart of your challenges. Then, we skilllully guide you to release what’s blocked and held in your emotional and physical body. The new space created naturally allows fresh insights and clear guidance to emerge from within you and between us in the facilitation. The insights will reveal the specific, unique solutions that will powerfully support you right now in your life.
As the foundation of your retreat journey, the 1-on-1 sessions foster a clear mindset, a lightening up of your emotions,  a deep relaxation in your body and relief from stress, anxiety, depression, addiction, disconnection and trauma.

You may wish to delve into our other more specific retreats designed to support you if you experience eating disorders, need healing around your sensuality & sexuality as a woman and want to come to a safe haven in order to recover from physical and / or psychological abuse.

LOCATIONS: All our private one on one retreats are available at our foundational retreat centre on the Sunshine Coast Hinterland of Australia (established in 2003).

Other location options include Bali, Paros (Greek Islands) and Maui (Hawaii) chosen for their powerful healing properties which support releasing of old programming and suppressed emotions. The element of water in these locations activates a new, clear flow whilst we face and embrace the internal architecture that has lead to disconnect, discontent and distortion of who you truly are. Private accommodation in nature provides the right healing and safe space for your journey.


No matter which retreat program you choose and in what location every retreat at Natural Attitudes supports you to embody new wisdom, or to live and act from the integrity of your whole body and soul, beyond the limiting concepts of only the mind.

Joanne Rodney

Energizing, uplifting, empowering. Marriage saving!

Cheryl W

It's been just over a week since completing the programme and I feel like a different person. My family, friends and work colleagues have remarked on my positive and happy appearance... Words cannot express my gratitude for your dedication in helping me to reclaim my life and the joy I now feel waking up everyday knowing I am surrounded by my loved ones.

Shelly Wright

Beyond my expectation on multiple levels. Life saving and changing. Thank you.

Karli Moulston

Yoga Teacher

In November 2009 I spent a week working with Izabella on issues relating to femininity, personal healing and relationships. Izabella taught me how to connect with and process my feelings as they arise. Learning this skill has had ongoing benefits for me with taking ownership of my feelings and listening to what they are telling me. Since my retreat I have experienced ongoing benefits in my relationships with my family and am now in a wonderful intimate relationship and am able to communicate my feelings as they arise. I have also been utilising strategies for embracing my femininity and have never felt more at one with myself. I highly recommend Izabella as a coach and facilitator of personal growth and healing.

Darren B

I had an experience that went way beyond my imagination. It was a lifetime changing journey.

Jan H

A tremendous experience for me with both physical and emotional breakthoughs, with a wealth of absolutely practical resources to take away. Thanks (heartfelt).

Kate W

Natural Attitudes has provided me with the tools I can use to further enhance my holistic health and well being. The amazing moments of enlightenment that 'just happen' cannot be described until you participate in this experience. Izabella and Giya are too amazing for words as well. Forever grateful. Thank you!

Fiona W

Thank you to my dear 'healing pixies!' I am eternally grateful for your wisdom, knowledge, sharing, care, love, and generosity of spirit.

Diane Peak

Thank you for your compassion, willingness and caring that has taught me so much in such a short time. It will act as a catalyst for life long positive change. I am now armed with knowledge and tools to effectively make long term positive changes in all aspects of my life. Izabella special thanks for your support and encouragement during my difficult time - it was greatly appreciated. In gratitude.

Jenny Power

I have found myself again. Thank You...

Jade Hodgkins

I have felt such a positive change taking place the past few days. I'm ready to move forward with joy and love.

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